Upcoming DDR5 RAMs will be next level | Know everything about it


We all know RAM. Yes, the one that chrome tabs consumes the most. These rams have standards like DDR2, DDR3 and the latest was DDR4. but not until now. The awesome and latest DDR5 RAM modules are about to come. And it’s gonna bring major improvements. Almost double the power of DDR4 rams. DDR5 ram is gonna be better in all sectors. Whether it is speed, power efficiency, or bandwidth.

  • Size

Well as we all know that DDR4 rams are limited to a max 32GB ram size per module. While DDR5 is gonna be way better than this and could support up to 128GB per stick(module). Which is going to be a huge jump for the Gamers and Content creators.

  • Data Rates

Talking about data rates. where DDR4 max speed was stuck at 3200Mhz. DDR5 is promising to give speeds up to 4800Mhz to 6400Mhz. The initial rams will be of lower data rates but by the time the new coming versions will keep pushing to their max.

  • Power Consumption

We all know that the power these monstrous computers consume these days is too much. So are the new DDR5 modules gonna consume more power or what? BIG NO. where DDR4 modules were consuming 1.2 volts, in upcoming DDR5 modules it’s gonna consume even less to 1.1 volts. In reading it doesn’t look like a big improvement. But it is about a 20% reduction. Also, we are gonna get way high performance compared to DDR4 modules. So that is a big plus point.

Talking about the pricing, The companies haven’t announced anything yet. but it’s obvious that when the new DDR5 comes to market. due to its hype, the pricing is gonna be higher which also happened with DDR4 when it first came to market. but in time the prices will go to normal. So if you’re a normal user you would’ve to empty your pockets for these rams(XD).

  • Release Date?

So when is it gonna release anyway?? Well, the rumors about DDR5 RAMs are roaming in the markets since 2018. And after about 2 years JEDEC solid-state technology association released the specifications for DDR5 rams in July 2020. isn’t that too late? Well, it could be even more.

Well TEAMGROUP is promising that it will launch their ELITE series DDR5 modules in 2021(but we haven’t heard of that anything yet till June). Also, Hynix is gonna release their DDR5 rams by Quarter 3 of the year( 1 July – 30 September ). Corsair is also gonna release their DDR5 modules real soon.

Some leaks suggest that Intel’s new upcoming Alder Lake Processors could support DDR5 rams. The Alder lake processor is gonna release in September 2021. So we can think as DDR5 modules can come up with it. While talking about AMD, AMD’s new upcoming zen4 architecture-based CPUs are gonna support DDR5, which is gonna be released in late 2022. So AMD users might have to wait for a bit longer compared to Intel.

  • Should you wait?

So in the end, Should you wait for the DDR5 rams or just go with the current standards? Well if you have urgency and work going on there is no need to wait for DDR5 at all. As per today’s standards, DDR4 is not slow at all. You can go with them and upgrade on later stages. Also, the initial prices are gonna be way high (almost double the current DDR4 Module prices).

Or If you’re gonna build a PC and not in urgency, you guys can wait up to the year-end as Intel is gonna release their new processor in September 2021. We might see some big News. Well, its gonna be pricy 😛


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